Who We Are

MTANS would not be able to operate without the generous contribution of time, skills and passion from our Board of Directors, committee volunteers, and valuable input from our members.

Volunteer Opportunities

MTANS is run by its members. MTANS is run by its members. Board and committee positions are staffed by volunteers. To sit on the board or as a committee chair, volunteers must be active members in good standing with the association

All volunteer hours in these positions are awarded 1 credit for every 2 hours of work to go towards required Professional Development credits.

Board Members

Duties of the Directors are set out in our By-laws. To learn more about being a Director, check out the Director information sheet. If you are interested in becoming a Director, or know someone that you believe would be a great candidate, please use this Nomination Form. Directors are elected at the Annual General Meeting

Your Board of Directors

Greg MacDonald (he/him)

Executive Director

Greg has been the Executive Director of MTANS since April 2021. He works with an association management firm in Halifax, Nova Scotia named Pathfinder Group. Prior to this work with professional and industry associations, he was a commercial banker with Scotiabank in different roles and areas of Nova Scotia. Early in his career he worked with two not-for-profit organizations in the area of science promotion, the Discovery Centre and SuperNOVA Science and Engineering. Greg lives in Lower Sackville with his wife and three kids.

“MTANS is an association that is run by Massage Therapists, for Massage Therapists. MTANS has always believed in a collaborative approach with other organizations, the public and our members. We continue to work towards full regulation of Massage Therapy in Nova Scotia.”

Monica Miller

PRESIDENT, BSc, rmt, domp (student)

Monica Miller She has been an active member of MTANS since 2003 and has been volunteering since 2005, currently serving her first term as the President of MTANS. Monica also owns a massage therapy practice in Tantallon where she works as part of a team of RMTs is currently studying manual osteopathy with the CEO. Being deeply committed to ethical care, she aims to support MTANS members in upholding high practice standards and prioritizing the well-being of clients. Her objective is to strengthen the connections within MTANS and promote collaboration among members through improvements in member services. As a strong advocate for regulation, she also plans to actively engage with stakeholders and government bodies, constantly exploring new ways to support the membership.

Jennifer Wessel (she/her)

Vice President, BA RMT

Over a massage therapy career spanning 24 years, Jennifer Wessel has been an involved member of MTANS and the profession. This work has included steady volunteer commitments, working in private practice, and at the school level (both in Halifax and Toronto). 

“MTANS was founded with a purpose to serve its membership and profession in Nova Scotia. When it saw the need to act as a leader in our industry, to advocate and work toward legislation, MTANS eagerly stepped forward. At the heart of our organization are our members, who are passionate and energetic about who we are – this is what I love most about MTANS. As we navigate the changing landscape of our needs and profession, this is what will keep us growing and moving forward.

Jennifer Townsend (she/her)

Client Service Associate

Jennifer has been the Client Service Associate for MTANS since May 2022. She works with the Pathfinder Group, an association management firm in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Prior to this work, she spent the last 10 years in Tourism and Hospitality in various roles, and has over 25 years customer service experience. She assists in the day-to day operations of MTANS, supporting both association members and members of the public.

Jennifer Roy (she/her)


Jennifer graduated  from Eastern College in 2018, successfully completed the OSCE and MCQ exams with the College of Massage Therapists of New Brunswick, is a member of the Lymphedema Association of Nova Scotia, and is certified with the Dr. Vodders School as a Complex Decongestive Therapist. She practices full time in Dartmouth and has been working on research related to Multiple Sclerosis and Lymphatic treatments. Jenn believes Massage is important for overall health and wellness, enjoys continued learning to give her clients the best overall results, and looks forward to Regulation happening in Nova Scotia.

Marsha Ball (she/her)

Secretary, Treasurer, RMT

Marsha lives and works just outside of Halifax towards the beautiful Peggy’s Cove.  She is passionate about alternative medicine, and hopeful that NS will soon recognize RMT’s on an equivalent level as the other health practitioners we work with to promote a safe and healthy lifestyle. Marsha also serves as the MTANS School Liaison, travelling the province to speak with students about our association, and profession.

Anne Crowell


Anne has a practice in Middleton, NS where she uses a hands-on approach to improve the quality of life for her clients while educating them on the role they play in their own healthcare.

Laurie Di Giulio (she/her)


Laurie has been in active practice since 2000, a member of the CMTO until 2014 when she moved to Nova Scotia. She has instructed, mainly in anatomy, physiology, and pathology in a variety of massage colleges in ON and NS, as well as participating in curriculum development. She teaches in-person and online continuing education courses for manual therapists and fitness professionals, and has presented at conferences throughout Canada. Laurie is a surveyor for the Canadian Massage Therapy Council for Accreditation (CMTCA), and is currently completing her B.Ed in Adult Education through Brock University.

Amy-Lynne Graves (she/her)

CMTA Representative, RMT

Amy-Lynne has been the MTANS/Nova Scotia representative for the Canadian Massage Therapy Association since 2014. She has been the CMTA Vice Chair since 2021. Amy-Lynne believe in working towards a common educational standard for massage therapy across the country, based on evidence informed practice and upholding professional standards.

Discipline Committee

The Discipline Committee is responsible for conducting hearings related to allegations of members’ professional misconduct or incompetence. As part of this process, when recommended by the Complaints Committee, the Discipline Committee makes decisions about revoking or suspending membership or imposing other terms and conditions.

Professional Development Committee

PD Committee business involves approval of continuing educational courses, making sure other members of the association/profession maintain or keep up with their knowledge of the profession, answering emails from the members, uploading course approvals and upcoming events to the website from providers and keeping up with association news.

Conference Committee

The conference committee has been organizing conferences for well over 10 years, and always strives to support local presenters & suppliers; as well as providing networking opportunities to bring our membership together at least once every other year. 

Regulation Committee

The committee is responsible for researching and working towards provincial massage therapy regulation. This committee works directly with lawyers from McInnis Cooper, and a private government consultant in the development of supporting documentation outlined by the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness. The committee has joined with other provincial massage therapy associations to form the Joint Working Group for Regulation (JWGR). This has lead to the official submission to government for provincial regulation of the profession. The JWGR regularly communicates with the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness to determine the progress of our submission and the next steps to move the submission forward.

Investigations Committee

This committee investigates, considers and evaluates complaints made by members, and the public. Their role is to determine the appropriate course of action, and make a determination about how to proceed with the findings of a complaint. Find out more about the complaints process here.

Policy Committee

The committee’s primary duty is develop and review policies that align with the MTANS mission, vision, and purpose in providing high quality massage therapy care and support for our members, committees, and board of directors. They ensure that policies comply with industry standards and best practices while also exploring innovative ways to support the membership. This involves critically evaluating existing policies, proposing revisions, and creating new ones to address evolving needs. The committee also evaluates the MTANS Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice to ensure ethical and safe massage therapy practice.

Public Relations Committee

The PR committee is responsible for engaging with members to investigate ways that MTANS can offer support for professional development, public education, and business practices for massage therapists. The committee is involved in branding, marketing, social media and member events.